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1308 (150ml)

The Great Dividing Range is over 300 million years old and stretches along the eastern coastline of Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. It produces some of Australia’s most diverse flora and fauna, including the Flannel Flower. The Flannel Flower used in this Collection has been sourced from northern New South Wales.

As one of the world’s most beautiful contemporary wildflowers, Flannel Flower contains medicinal benefits. Its phyto-actives help to penetrate the skin to deliver hydration and increase elasticity whilst reducing the appearance of dark circles and puffiness caused by inflammation and dehydration.

A luscious body mousse with the phyto-actives of Flannel Flower, native to Australia and infused with Willow Bark.

Fragrance Notes

A delicate honey burst of flannel flowers with luscious magnolia, revitalising cucumber and lemon on a warm vanilla base.

Maine Beach - Flannel Flower Body Mousse 150ml

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